Friday, February 8, 2013

Work Related Update

An  experienced T1 Income Tax Preparer since 1991 - timeline can be found at LinkedIn

Related Qualifications: 

Have taken Income Tax courses and training through:

·                   ICABC – former Graduate Admission Program (Income Tax Course)
·                   UBC – Diploma in Accounting Program (Income Tax Course)
·                   CRA – Tax Preparation Training Program
·                   Have been preparing Income Tax Returns since 1991 to present

Other qualifications:
·                   US CPA Exam Passed Sections: Regulations (including Income Taxes) in 2009, Auditing in 2008 and Business Law in 1999.

·                   Reasonable rates.

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Looking forward to hear from you,

Earla RiopelBSCom(USA), DipAcc(UBC)
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  1. You should receive a K-1 from the administrators of the trust so I would call them and request it. If you do have K-1 income, it should flow through(be reported)on your tax brackets return. The K-1 should have come to you and not the people doing your taxes unless they usually have it sent there.