Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Comment on the 2013 BC Election Result

The result of the BC Election was the one I expected. Being the publisher/editor of 70 free e-newspapersI have briefly seen what was going in the election during the campaign stage. The BC Liberal won majority of the seats because of the way they campaigned. 

What is important to British Columbians?

The BC Liberal Party appeared more truthful, and really want to make a difference to the people of British Columbia. Our BC economy is so important to these people, especially to the low-income and small businesses. Christy Clark campaign party has pretty much tried and covered all these sectors.

What helps their campaign?

Christy Clark and her party had made sure that she was visible in person, in print, and especially online, where most voters are hanging out. She used the social media to her party's advantage. 

It's very much alike with the President Obama campaign party, even the first lady have used part of the social media. She used her connections with women and the social media to help her husband won the recent US election.

How voters have given their voices?
The people who voted have given their voices through the candidates that they voted. Those eligible voters who didn't vote, I hope next election they will take time and vote. Probably they thought there's nothing for them to vote or they didn't like the candidates. Just a piece of advice, nothing is going to get done if you don't vote. You have to vote, find the best candidate or party that holds your values or just even closed to it, and vote!

Why the low turn-out of voters?
In the past, new voters especially the younger generation are too busy and sometimes they just don't care to vote. But they have to realize that these politicians have direct or indirect effect on their lives, from education, their work, and most of all, their households. 

What's next for us?
For all the candidates who won, congratulations! For those who didn't win, good luck in the next election. To all candidates for the next election, if you want to gain the vote of those who didn't vote in this election, you have to take time, and make them part of your campaign. If you spend even a little of your time with these prospective voters, especially with the younger generation, they might return the favor and actually make time and go to the polling station and vote. As for me, I am glad I voted.

Lastly, to the new elected officials, wishing you the very best. It's a huge task for all of you, and as a citizen, I will try to do my share to make it easier to do your job. Good luck and God bless.

Until next election.
Earla RiopelBSCom(USA), DipAcc(UBC)
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